Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers 
Northeast International Committee on Energy - 2012
The Northeast International Committee on Energy (NICE) was the first program committee formed by the Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers after the creation of that union in 1972. It’s purpose is to bring together energy policy officials from the states and provinces to enhance opportunities for the trade of cost-effective, clean and secure energy resources in the region..
This energy relationship within the region benefits from the vast renewable energy resources in Eastern Canada and its position as a net energy exporter, New England’s significant renewable power potential (particularly for wind power), and the fact that Eastern Canada’s electricity demand currently peaks in the winter months while New England’s peaks n the summer. 
The NEG/ECP Energy Program
The NEG/ECP and its NICE Committee were instrumental in the development and consummation of the original Hydro-Québec contract to export hydro-electricity to New England. Since that time, the Committee has continued to lead the regional dialogue on energy issues and develop policies and programs to forward the common energy goals of the Goverrnors and Premiers.
Recent Work and Current Projects
The principal focus of the NICE over the last few years has been the deveoopment of market mechanisms and structures that would promote the development of cost-effective renewable resources in New England and Eastern Canada. This has contributed to the development of a shared vision for renewable power development in New England – as described in the Governors’ Energy Blueprint, developed by the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE), a limited liability corporation of the NEGC, and ISO-New England, Inc.
Also building on work from NESCOE, the NICE is examining contract mechanisms to encourage the development of long-term, large-scale renewable power projects in the region. Related to this, the NICE is engaging in a dialogue on the potential for better coordination to balance intermittent resources like wind-power between the different system operators in New England and Eastern Canada.
The NICE is also exploring opportunities to maximize energy efficiency potential in the states and provinces.
Some NEGC energy-related documents include:
NEG/ECP Recommendations on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Power
NEG/ECP Ministerial Forum on Energy & the Environment Briefing Book