The 30-30 Ammo Great for Hunting

It’s critical to know which ammunition to use in regard to the game you’re about to bring down. When it comes to dear, bucks and boars the best ammunition to use is the 30-30 ammo. Many hunters have had the experience of using the 30-30 rifle together with the 30-30 ammunition. They have always given it a great response. The 30-30 cartridge has the reputation of killing the highest number of dears in the United States. Its effectiveness in killing is why the 30- 30 rifle and ammunition are considered the hunter’s companion.

History of 30-30 Ammo

When it was initially introduced in the market it was described as the flat shooting cartridge. Though the cartridge is considered an old timer it persists even in today’s market. The 30-30 rifle and ammo are not only inexpensive as compared to other available cartridges but are also very effective. Though it’s an old timer, hunting usually happens within a range of 75 yards and it works perfectly. The 30- 30 rifle also has light recoil; this makes it very efficient for inexperienced hunters, children and women.

What Makes 30-30 Ammo Great for Hunting

The use of the 30-30 ammo has proved its efficiency in hunting by the number of animals it has killed especially the dear. It’s very effective in dropping most games that are medium size. The 30-30 bullets have the capability in dropping an animal effectively up to the range of about 200 yards. Though the cartridge has been found to be inefficient in hunting large game, the North American game hunters have had success with it.

The 30-30 ammo provides very efficient shots for hunting when you are using the 150 gr or the 170 gr soft points. The 170 gr which has acquired the name flat nose usually has more devastating effects when used in deer hunting. The light round which is the 150 gr also creates a lot impact when it comes to delivering results. Using any 30-30 ammo will definitely get you the results as long as you use it effectively and with the proper rifle at the required distance

So if you consider gong hunting for medium sized game, and need an accurate, light and effective deer gun and ammunition the 30-30 rifle and bullets come in very handy. It’s perfect for use in the thick wood and where you have to be close and personal with the animal, But can also work effectively in the range of about 300 yards when a correct shot is made.