Hunting 101: Understanding the Three Types of Bullets

It should be a pre-requisite for every hunter to know the three types of bullets used in gun-related hunting. We will discuss the three types of bullets. Because each type of bullet is better-suited for a particular activity or activities, understanding the various types of bullets will help you choose the best bullet for your planned exercise. Federal ammo is a great source for any of the 3 types here.

Federal Ammo Frangible Bullets

Frangible bullets are perhaps the most common type of bullets. A frangible bullet will break up into very tiny pieces when it comes into contact with its target. This means that frangible bullets have a limited ability to penetrate beyond the surface of the target.

The extent of damage caused by a frangible bullet also rarely goes beyond the surface of the target. It is for this reason that frangible bullets are the safest to use in densely populated areas.

Frangible bullets are good for hunting of small animals of approximately 30 pounds or less. This is because the bullet is able to create maximum damage on or near the point of impact. Other types of bullets are structurally stronger than frangible bullets. They can easily pass through a small animal without causing sufficient damage. Using frangible bullets is the best way to hunt small animals.

Federal Ammo Non-Expanding Bullets

As their name would suggest, non-expanding bullets do not lose their original shape as they penetrate and pass through target objects. Non-expanding bullets have the greatest ability to penetrate through the target because the frontal area of the bullet remains constant throughout the penetration.

Non-expanding bullets will produce channels that are significantly narrower than those produced by expanding bullets. This means that the damage caused by a non-expanding bullet is considerably less.

Non expanding bullets are not the best for hunting because they cannot offer the performance required to kill the animal quickly with minimal chances of losing the kill.

Federal Ammo Expanding Bullets

Expanding bullets are the opposite of non-expanding bullets. This means that they will deform or “mushroom” as they penetrate the target. They are the most complicated type of bullets and are larger in size than both non-expanding and frangible bullets.

The penetration made by an expanding bullet is quite wide and can be measured in feet or inches depending on factors such as the sectional density of the bullet, the expansion medium it hits, and its speed at the time of impact.

Expanding bullets are best used to hunt for big game. They do this by creating severe tissue damage during penetration. Being a hunter involves more than aiming your rifle and making a kill, and this is why you need to be conversant with the different types of bullets you will use for your hunt.