How I Reluctantly Became A Hunter

Hunting has always been in my family line. My grandfather was a keen hunting enthusiast and my dad also followed in his footsteps. I must say that the love for shooting prey has never interested me. Coming from a wooded area, my dad made his best efforts at converting me to a hunter but soon gave up. This is the story of how I learned to love hunting. It includes all of the details, even down to the wolf ammo I chose to use.

Taking Up a Family Tradition

A few years ago my grandfather passed on and left his collection of rifles to my dad. Being the hunter, my dad was very pleased with the addition to his collection. Watching him carefully clean the rifles left no doubt that he valued the collection. I moved on to a big city and kept in touch with my dad occasionally.

When I received the news of my dad’s sudden death, I was devastated. After the funeral it was left to me and my mum to decide what to do with my dad’s belongings. Knowing how much he valued his hunting guns collection, I could not dispose them off. Months after my dad’s passing away, I took a two month break from work to spend the time at home with my mum.

Though I never admitted it, I already knew how to clean guns having grown up around them. For the first time, I spent a considerable amount of time with the gun collection. I decided that since I was at home with nothing much to do, I would one day go hunting just for the sake of my late dad.

Choosing Wolf Ammo

Although he had a good stock of ammo, I decided to look for something more adventurous to give my hunting trip a personal touch. After a bit of research, I settled for wolf ammo because it is steel-cased. I chose to use wolf ammo for the .223 caliber rifle because it was the cheapest ammo out there. Since I was doing it on a hunting trial, I saw no reason to spend extra money on anything more expensive.

When I set out, I found that scouting for prey was not as easy as my late dad and grandpa made it sound. A few hours later, I got the hang of it and managed to have my first prey on the scope. I could not imagine it when I let off the shot and got a clean shot on the deer.

My mum watched in disbelief when I got back home with my kill and we enjoyed the meat in a way that reminded us of the old days. Although I hate to admit it, the hunting expedition was more exciting than I had imagined. The look on my mums face said it all; she had seen many hunters before and knew that I was now hooked.