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  • The Hunter’s Choice in Ammo

    The Hunter’s Choice in Ammo

    The Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the .300 Winchester Magnum (7.62×67mm), a bottle-necked magnum rifle cartridge, in 1963. The ammo was based on the .375 H&H Magnum and adapted from the .338 cartridge that was introduced in 1958. The new round was made for the Model 70 rifle. Firearms enthusiasts expected the conversion and were glad…

  • Top Picks for .30-06 Rifles

    Top Picks for .30-06 Rifles

    Firearms enthusiasts have latched onto the .30-06 when it was first introduced in 1906. Modern guns rival the old standby, but hunters worldwide remain loyal. One reason for the gun’s popularity, other than tradition, is that there were many rifles sold through military surplus outlets. Guns have been handed down from father to son (or…